Music Department

Director: Özcan Deniz

Actors: Şükrü Özyıldız, Ayça Ayşin Turan

Client: Gen Music

Year: 2015

Zelis is about to start a marriage she does not want, in a world she does not belong. Her path crosses with Zarok, a guy who ends up in the engagement house while running away from trouble. The couple has actually met when they were kids and shape each other’s lives. Destiny would bring them together again. Zelis, having a birthmark that resembles the letters Z and C, goes after Zarok. She believes this poor guy from another world is her true love. Zarok enters the house as a thief, but he leaves having stolen the most precious thing, that is Zelis’s heart. This intruder ruins the long-standing plans of Zelis’s father Hakki, so-called fiancée Cemal and brother-in-law Selim and makes the Zelis-Zarok love even more impossible. Our story begins as an impossible love but it evolves into an adventure full of surprises and love.

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