Composer: Additional Music

Director: Onur Aydin

Actors: Engin Hepileri, Elena Viunova, Erkan Kolcak Kostendil

Client: Gen Music

Year: 2014

Kazım is a university student at the age of twenty-one. Since he is taken into custody because of his political views, he is fined with a temporary debarment from the university. He decides to follow a new way for himself. He will drop out school and play music professionally. But it won’t be as easy as he thinks to tell this to his family and friends and persuade them. When he goes to Hopa, his hometown, the other bottleneck waiting for him is to come across his childhood love, Seher again. Şenol is a footballer playing in Akçaabatspor. His skills draw attention and he is about to be transferred to Trabzonspor. He meets Elena through his friends. Şenol falls in love with Elena at first sight. The football season of 1996 is played. Ahmet, cheerleader of Trabzonspor, believes in championship at most, takes it as the meaning of his life. The championship skipped out at the last minute becomes a disaster also for Ahmet. The events shaping up differently starts to contact at a point and affects one another. Diverse lives, common fate, one story…

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